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  • The Science Olympiad Academic Team

    Students can put their knowledge relating to numerous science fields ranging from biology to chemistry to good use by applying to the Science Olympiad. Founded in 1984, the [...]
  • 279 Superpan: A Snapshot of History

    October 24th was 279’s Superpan, another one of Central’s iconic traditions. Stretching back more than 30 years, it is an integral part of every class’ senior year [...]
  • Freshman Tea

    On Thursday, October 24th, Central hosted its annual Freshman Tea.   Once a year, Central hosts a Freshman Tea for the new students in the school. Central has numerous [...]
  • 280 Meets USciences

    About 98% of students graduate Central and attend a college or university or immediately begin their careers. Some Central students who want to pursue a career in a [...]

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