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Debate Team Grooms a Quality Debater

Many Central students understand what it is like to debate with a teacher or fellow classmate over an issue. However, some of those students are able to take those skills and use them in citywide competitions. One of those students is Michael Moroz (275), the runner-up at the University of Pennsylvania Fall Tournament for debating, making him the second-best high school debater in Philadelphia.

How did Moroz accomplish this feat?

It all began in Central’s Debate Club. “During my freshman year, I had very limited public-speaking skills,” explains Moroz. “Debate gave me the confidence to express my ideas and to make my speeches meaningful. It is one of the fastest growing clubs in the school. There’s a place for everyone on the team.”

When preparing for a competition, Moroz explained that a team effort is required to prepare arguments for, and anticipate those from, the opposing team. That way, every rational and irrational argument is covered. However, it is up to each teammate to practice his or her speaking skills before the competition when that particular teammate wants to present their argument.

After the arguments are created, the battle begins. “Debating someone is an exhilarating experience,” says Moroz, “Each debate is spontaneous. There’s a mix of nervousness and focus. I have to question my opponent into a deep corner for everyone to realize that the corner won’t budge. That way, the opponent has no clever responses and the clock runs out, which, to me, is the best part of debating.”

Moroz says, “If you enjoy public speaking, want to boost your speaking skills, or are passionate about an issue, then the Central Debate Team has a spot ready for you!”

Natan Yakov 275
News Editor 

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