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Lancers Slay the Dragons

The swim team, from which we’d expect nothing else, had an incredible season this winter. All of those practices at Central’s fifth floor pool paid off in a large way (if you haven’t seen this part of Central, you should check it out. Any upperclassman would be more than willing to give you very detailed directions). A co-ed sport with a variety of students from all grades, both the girls’ and boys’ teams have worked extremely hard to reach their success. On why the swim team was such a great environment, 275’s Daniel Guyton says, “I didn’t even  know how to swim when I signed up, I just wanted to prove that I had the ability to learn new skills and get out of my comfort zone. Then, in my second race, I came in second to last and it was a big deal for me!”

During the season, which started in late November and ended in early February, the aquatic Lancers only lost one out of their six meets. The loss was to Girl’s High. Then, the playoffs were cancelled because of inclement weather. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the Blue Dragons of Masterman were “flaming” (pun intended) every school in their path, proving themselves undefeated throughout the entire season. However, on February 5, on championship day, the Dragons blustered into Fels High School only to find themselves in a tight spot. With a modest splash, Central’s team dove into the water and swam for their lives. To the Lancers’ joy, the boys team won with a score of 60 to 52 and the girls swept the Dragons with a whopping 87 to 69. Central had beaten the immortal Masterman and boisterously accepted the role of champions. However, by now, Masterman must be a little used to second place…

On what influenced the team’s exceptional performance throughout the season, Lilah Schrading (274) attributes it to the new coach: “Coach Freeland really brought great chemistry to our team. His care and dedication to the team was one of the biggest contributing factors to our success.” So you see, children, the knight in shining armor does always manage to slay the formidable dragon and save the day.

Zoe Braccia (275)                             Photo Credit: Lilah Schrading (274)

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