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Central’s Mister Asian Teen Philly

On May 9th, 2015, the annual Teen Organizing Proactivity’s, Miss and Mister Asian Teen Philly event, was held at the Free Library of Philadelphia in Center City. The competition was meant to showcase the diversity among the Asian American community and quell misled racial notions and stereotypes about Asian Americans. Contestants exhibited their talents and showcased their unique abilities. This year, Harry Yang (275) a Central student, was crowned “2015 Mister Asian Teen Philly”. He was one of five male contestants competing for first place.
“For the competition, I wrote a poem called ‘Confessions’ about appreciation for culture and identity,” explained Harry. “I had writer’s block in the beginning and compiled four different drafts of different poems into my final one. I continuously read it over whenever I rode the subway and ten times before I went to sleep. If I made the slightest mispronunciation, I would start over. It was tough practicing for the competition and while having to study for AP testing. It was definitely a strenuous experience, but in the end, I was able to accomplish what I had set out to do.”
As part of reading his poem, Harry also had to participate in the Q&A segment of the event. Participants had to answer each question within ninety seconds.
“I could never forget the feeling of pure euphoria when the decision was made. The thrill of being recognized for who you truly are is amazing. The sensation from the competition will stay with me forever, continuously reminding me to be proud of who I am and to fight for what I believe in.”
Congratulations to Harry Yang for becoming “2015 Mister Asian Teen Philly”.

Natan Yakov (275)
News Editor

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