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Redefining the role of Class President: Aavo Reinvald

Photo Credit: Albert Tanjaya (275)

While the school year comes to its long-awaited close, outgoing 275 president Aavo Reinvald bids farewell as he openly welcomes Rucksar Rahman to office as senior class president. Junior year for 275 was filled with a myriad of wonderful events from the Powderpuff game to the 275 Junior Prom at the Adventure Aquarium. Each event left a special, new memory for the members of 275.

However, 275’s junior year did not pass by without faults. Aavo remarked, “I’ll be the first to admit that this year was not perfect.”

A class president’s days are saturated with meetings, phone calls, and excessive amounts of paperwork. Despite the arduous time spent organizing, errors are inevitable. Some of the junior class’ shortcomings included communication errors, abrupt date changes, and poor DJ selection for the Junior Prom.

However, according to Aavo, the events were meant to bring the class together and make sure that everyone had a good time. Aavo strongly believes in unifying the class as a whole. When that is accomplished, the results speak volumes. For instance, when members of 275 united for their first Powderpuff game against 274, “all of the various cliques and groups seemed to have melted away, leaving one unified 275, as we all laughed and cheered for our class,” Aavo happily noted.

The word Aavo chose to describe this past year was “camaraderie”. Aavo emphasized that camaraderie was an important skill needed as he collaborated with various people, including Mr. Patton, administration figures, and the Student Association.

As Aavo reflected on his presidency, he confidently said, “This year was the best year of my life.”

His most valuable achievement was redefining the role of a class president with the unprecedented implementation of the 275 Leadership Advisory. The creation of this advisory emphasizes that the success of a class cannot be the work of one person, but that of a group of dedicated students and people.

In retrospect, Aavo believes that he has accomplished unparalleled milestones during his tenure as president, leaving Rucksar with big shoes to fill.

When asked what words of advice he has for the incoming president, Aavo offered:  “Be true to yourself and remember that you were chosen to lead this class. There will be times when you are doubted, and when the class may not understand your choices, but you have been elected for a reason; you know what this class needs.”

Aavo leaves office with these final words: “Being the president of the class this year allowed me to meet so many new people and do things I never thought I’d be doing. But now, it’s time to focus on our senior year, our final year at Central. It’s been real 275!”

George Russell (275)
Staff Writer

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