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More Like a Brotherhood

On September 24, Central’s Varsity Football Team won its second game of the season.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Coplin (275)

It is no secret that Central’s football team had a turbulent season last year. After only winning one game and losing twelve, fans began to worry whether or not their football faith would ever be restored. However, this year’s season is beginning on a very hopeful note.  

The second game of the season took place last Thursday against Southern High School. After being down by 6 the first half of the game, the Lancer’s made a surprising comeback in the 3rd and 4th quarters, ultimately winning the game 13-12. Toward the end of the 3rd quarter, quarterback Jeffrey Coplin (275) threw a pass to Omar Jamalladin (276) who then scored the team’s first touchdown of the game. Shortly after, Coplin was pulled out of the game for a minor shoulder injury. When he was put back in, Coplin threw a pass to Collin Washington (276), who then made the winning touchdown. Despite a minor setback in the beginning of the game, the team performed extremely well under pressure and pulled through in the end.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Coplin (275)

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Coplin (275)

With two divisional wins and two non-divisional losses (scrimmages), our team seems to be on the right track to the playoffs – and maybe even the championship. When asked to compare the last two seasons and what caused such an improvement this season, Coplin stated that this year, the team is “more like a brotherhood than a team”. The teammates trust each other more and argue less, allowing there to be unity and chemistry on the field. Coplin says that the only impediment that they have experienced is the player’s health, as there were numerous injuries in the beginning of the season. He even has hope for this year’s Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl, asserting that, “If we do what we need to do, then we can win. It’s all about finishing the job and staying focused.”

Thursday’s game against Southern High School proved to be a pivotal moment that showed the teams’ newfound hunger to win. The football team’s new motivation and drive has provided a successful start – this season is already proving to be much better than the last.

Tatyana Washington (275)
Sports Writer

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