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275’s Museum Day

275 students outside the Franklin Institute with their new class sponsor, Mr. Horwits (251). Photo Credit: Ella Comberg (275)

On October 14, members of 275 visited museums around Philadelphia as part of Central’s annual Museum Day tradition. This year, students chose from a wide range of locations such as: The Franklin Institute, Eastern State Penitentiary, Art Museum, and The National Museum of American Jewish History.

Most students enjoyed the day thoroughly- Jeannette Yust (275) visited the Franklin Institute and says, “I really appreciated the experience of walking around and learning new things with friends”.

Museum Day marked the first event organized by new 275 sponsor Mr. Horwits (251). Under Mr. Horwits’s guidance, students in 275 hope to fulfill other traditions during their senior year.

Ashish Dahal (275)

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