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Freshman Tea 2015

On October 21, the annual Freshman Tea was held for members of 278 to preview Central’s many clubs.

Students exploring clubs' trifolds. Photo Credit: Albert Tanjaya (275)

It’s difficult for any student at Central to go through the halls without hearing about bake sales or after-school club meetings. To help members of 278 learn more about these clubs and activities, clubs displayed trifolds and boards in the Dance and Wrestling Gyms to advertise themselves to curious freshmen in an annual event known as the Freshman Tea. This year, thirty five clubs had stationed themselves in the Dance Gym.

“Some clubs allow you to earn community service hours,” recollected Cindy Yuan (278).

Upperclassmen willingly sacrificed their lunch times to represent their clubs. Students even had the chance to sign up for clubs they found intriguing on the spot. Refreshments and treats were provided by the Home and School Association in the Wrestling Gym.

Mandy Lee (278) commented, “The Freshman Tea was a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and discover new interests.”

Emily Chen (278)
Staff Writer

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Photo Credits:
Albert Tanjaya (275)
Staff Photographer

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