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BREAKING: CHS Alumni Association Reaches Final Decision on Cosby

The CHS Alumni Association Board passed a measure on November 19 to remove Dr. Bill Cosby from the school’s Hall of Fame. The Board’s action is in direct response to the widespread sexual assault allegations against Dr. Cosby.

Alumni Board members debated the issue thoroughly prior to casting ballots. Opponents of the measure advocated for due process of the law, with their central claim focusing on the rights of the accused. Meanwhile, proponents emphasized the negative consequence of allowing Cosby to remain on the Hall of Fame.

“Cosby reflects poorly on the school culture. He is not a role model for students, and we should not give the perception that we tolerate people with questionable moral principles,” said board member Stephen Green (214).

Marisa Block (265) also weighed in on the issue. “If we allow Cosby to remain on the Hall of Fame simply due to his donations to the school, it would be tantamount to buying and selling honor.”

A total of thirty individuals ultimately voted on the measure, with the final results of: twenty-two votes for removal, six against, and two abstentions (one vote was disqualified).

The board allowed four student representatives from 275 to vote—Student Association President Albert Tanjaya, Centralizer Editors-in-Chief Ashish Dahal and Natan Yakov, and Class President Rucksar Rahman. “I think this outcome reflects the will of the student body,” says Albert. “Cosby’s actions are simply egregious. He should not receive recognition because he brings negative influence into our school community.”

The Alumni Association has contacted Dr. Cosby to inform him about its decision.

Ashish Dahal (275)


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  1. Edward Heim // November 19, 2015 at 10:44 pm //

    My comment is a simple one. If you feel this strongly about this based on accusations alone and not a confirmed guilt in a court of law but only in the court of public opinion then you must also be willing to give back all the money that he’s donated. If we’re truly about not “buying and selling honor” then you must do the “honorable” thing and give him back the money.


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