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Central’s GYU Packages Shea Butter

GYU members with buttery hands. Photo Credit: Kate Orlovskaya (275)

On Friday, December 6th, members of Central’s Global Youth (GYU) United packaged twenty-five pounds of shea butter, provided by the Sangariku Shea Butter Cooperative in collaboration with Leah’s Dream, a nonprofit organization that helps fund women’s education in northern Ghana. The Executive Director and President of Leah’s Dream, Sandee Mandel, volunteered at Central with GYU members to package the shea butter.

“The profit from the sale of every jar of shea butter brings even more girls closer to obtaining a high school education,” explained Sandee. “West Africa is one of the most impoverished areas of the world. Many people exist on less than a dollar a day and education is not free for them. The activities of GYU really help to make Leah’s Dream a reality.”

GYU’s relationship with Leah’s Dream allows for Central students the opportunity to interact with global education movements. Previously, Leah’s Dream had participated in GYU’s 2015 Gender Equality Seminar.

More information about Leah’s Dream can be found here.

Natan Yakov (275)

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