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Central and Widener: The Talent Never Stops

On Monday, December 21st, the senior class watched students from both Central and Widener perform in the traditional Widener Show.

Central's choir performing during the Widener Show. Photo Credit: Austin Iv (275)

Once a year, the senior class receives the wonderful experience of watching the traditional Widener Show. Central students partner up with Widener students to perform in an unforgettable show that displays students’ talents. This year, the show took place on Monday, December 21st, a few days before Winter Break. 275 enjoyed performances ranging from interpretive dancing, to performances with songs by the Backstreet Boys and from Frozen, and even spoken word poetry.

Albert Tanjaya (275), SA president, along with the rest of SA and staff from The Widener Memorial School, collaborated to plan this wonderful event. He commented, “I enjoyed meeting the Widener kids. They showed me that no matter what situation life takes you through, it’s always best to smile and spread happiness wherever you go.”  They truly did spread the happiness, as one Widener performer encouraged the audience to clap and join along with her singing. When her and another student performed “Love is an Open Door” from Disney’s Frozen, the whole crowd was singing along. This joyful attitude followed with the rest of the performances.

Ryir Norris (276) sang a duet with Elya Kaplin (277) to “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” and got the audience in the holiday spirit. Ryir recollected, “It was so fun performing in the Widener show and also being able to see the other great performances was really cool. Everyone was really amazing.”

The audience and performers were all engaged in the show. Kathryn Schweingruber (275), who was one of the “Widener buddies,” said, “My partner was Sebastian and he was extremely enthusiastic and positive on and off the stage. He was so supportive and got incredibly excited after performances. It was refreshing that he was so genuine and happy.”

We can’t forget the incredible performances by Central’s clubs like AASU, Pep Squad, CIA, and IPCO. The dances performed got the crowd rowdy and up on their feet. While not nearly all performers are mentioned in this article, all students from both Widener and Central performed memorably and exceeded all expectations.

Chelsea Tepel (275)
Entertainment Editor

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Photo Credits:
Austin Iv (275)
Staff Photographer

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