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Meet the Queen of the SA Office

Left: Ms. Schromsky with former Assistant Principal Ms. Defields. Right: Members of the SA Office. Photo Credits: Daniel Woody-Guyton (275)

If you’ve ever been wondering what that hole in the hallway was on the second floor, it’s called the alcove, and it’s the home of Ms. Karen Schromsky’s very own Student Association office. She works alongside SA President Albert Tanjaya (275), Vice-President Madeleine Richardson Graham (275), Treasurer Skylar Scafidi (276), and Secretary Mark Novales (275). Let’s take a sneak peak into how Her Majesty governs her castle and what this kingdom actually accomplishes.

Some might ask, what the heck is SA? “SA” stands for the Student Association, which is essentially a form of student government. Unlike class officers, SA officers are student representatives for the entire school. They unite all the classes.

Albert, Madeleine, Skylar and Mark, along with help from the SA representatives in each advisory, are in charge of organizing school events like homecoming and expressing the perspective of the student body. One of Ms. Schromsky’s wishes is to create more school events like pep rallies. At an academically driven school like Central, it’s nice to make things more “highschooly.”

SA is a large supporter of the Widener Show, a talent show for the disabled Widener students. Mrs. Schromsky commented, “It’s one of my favorite things as being part of SA. To see our kids interact with them—it’s pretty special.” It is a heartwarming experience for Central to have this relationship with the Widener school and to continue the Widener Day tradition.

In addition to facilitating school activities, SA also processes extracurriculars, which are the heart of activities and student life outside of Central. All posters have to be processed through the SA office and hold the official Schromsky stamp in order to be displayed around the school.

What gives the SA kingdom its royal status is the representative’s’ ability to create policy. Currently, SA is organizing a “Clean-Up” campaign, which is part of a project to keep the school clean. Central has become quite a messy school, with food and trash left around, but the Clean Up campaign is establishing protocols to keep the school clean. One idea in the works might be putting backboards on trashcans so students can dunk their trash in.

Just how vast is the SA kingdom? Well, SA also has direct connections with top officials at Central, like Mr. McKenna. The SA office has monthly agenda meetings with Mr. McKenna.

“They have the power to make change. They are the voice of the students,” said Ms. Schromsky.

Indeed, the Student Association is a powerful body that accomplishes much, and the students involved should be proud to bear the appellations associated with SA.

How did Queen Schromsky end up at Central in order to work with SA? Ms. Schromsky hails from Atlantic City and graduated from Indiana University. She worked for the U.S. Department of Justice in antitrust law before diving into education. Her main area of expertise is in ESL, or English as a Second Language, but she has also dabbled in history, social studies, and Spanish. She eventually found herself working at at Gage Park High School in Chicago. “It was rough,” she remarked.

One influential man, Wilfredo Ortiz, journeyed to Philadelphia to become a regional superintendent, and when Ms. Schromsky was offered the chance to come and work with him, she gladfully accepted. Interestingly enough, Mr. Ortiz also brought Mr. McKenna to Central from Furness High School. Mr. McKenna said Ortiz is a “true character who really gets schools.”

Ms. Schromsky found a position at Central teaching Spanish in place of Ms. Rodriguez, who was on maternity leave at the time. Dr. Pavel was delighted to hire her and also thought she would be great working in the SA office. Since then, Ms. Schromsky has worked at Central for ten years and has been the SA sponsor for the past five. She takes great pride in her job, saying, “I love working with kids!”

Treasurer Mark Novales remarked, “If there is anyone I’m coming back to see on Alumni Day, it’s Ms. Schromsky.”

For Queen Schromsky, one of the greatest things about her job is watching the students master autonomy. “They make this place unique,” she commented. “They are what school is all about.”

Daniel Woody-Guyton (275), Staff Writer
Ashley Rivera (277), Staff Writer

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