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Albasoul Gives Back

The toys donated by Albasoul to Toys for Tots. Photo Credit: Edward Sulo (275)

Central is a very philanthropic institution brimming with students ready to help their communities. Central’s many clubs and associations constantly collect money and other necessities, like clothing, to donate to charities. The holiday season is all about generosity and gratefulness. This past holiday season, Albasoul, Central’s Albanian club, decided to donate toys so other children could enjoy their holidays.

After seeing an advertisement on Instagram for Toys for Tots, Albasoul’s president, Edward Sulo (275), decided that this was a perfect way for his club to get in the holiday spirit.

“I thought it would be really great if I could get my club to collect toys for less fortunate kids. With only a short amount of time, and being a small club, our goal was to collect twenty toys.”

Paola Dane (276), the club’s vice president, also commented on the donation. “It felt great putting a smile on the children’s faces and helping them have the Christmas they deserve. Everyone in the club was really happy to donate.”

Over a two week period, the group met their goal of twenty toys. Although they were not in direct contact to hear back from the organization, they dropped all of the toys off at a Toy’s For Tots location in Philadelphia.

Eda Qalliaj (276), a member the club remarked,I thought it was the cutest thing. We aren’t even that big of a club, so for us to have raised over fifty toys was awesome.”

Albasoul is hopeful that it will raise more money and donate more toys next year. Members even discussed extending the efforts to the whole school to greatly increase the amount of toys collected. The president, in addition the rest of Albasoul, promised on making a holiday donation to Toys For Tots an Albasoul tradition for years to come.

Chelsea Tepel (275)
Entertainment Editor

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