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Class of 279 Gets a Taste of Central

Members of the 279th class watching a performance by Central's string orchestra. Photo Credit: Natan Yakov (275)

On Thursday, April 14th, members of the 279th class of Central High School visited the building as part of their orientation. Students and families were greeted by a screaming, cheering crowd of Central students on the North Lawn. Within the main corridor, Central’s Home and School Association, Art Department, Button-Making Club, Music Department, and Centralizer each had tables and booths to advertise and promote themselves, in addition to selling merchandise (or in Centralizer’s case, distribute free copies of the newspaper).

Inside the auditorium, President Tim McKenna addressed 279, and Central’s string orchestra and choir provided musical and vocal entertainment for the night. After singing the school song, orientation leaders provided tours of the building to the new students and families.

279 students will return in August for their summer orientation to further explore not only Central’s rich history, but also discover what the dear, Old High has in store for them.

Natan Yakov (275)

Photo Credits:
Albert Tanjaya (275), Staff Photographer
Natan Yakov (275), Editor-in-Chief

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