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275 Takes Costa Rica By Storm

Members of 275 and their chaperone, Mr. Giacomini, visiting Costa Rica. Photo Credit: Katie Klenk (275)

Just as college decisions were being announced and students were making epic plans for spring break, a group of students from 275 went abroad to spend a week in Costa Rica. This adventure was originally planned to be the “official senior trip” for the class of 2016 before a lack of communication and funds struck. At the start of this current school year, only eight students had paid in full and were still unsure if they were ready to tackle a foreign country for their final high school break. Despite the all of the mishappenings, the group and Mr. Giacomini (262), their chaperone, experienced a vacation that they will never forget.

After flying out from the airport early in the morning on Thursday before spring break, students arrived ready to take in everything Costa Rica had to offer. On the first day, everybody arrived in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. This is where they met their tour guide for the week. The following day, the students visited Café Britt Coffee plantation and roastery and learned about the process of coffee-making. After this excursion, everybody traveled via bus to Monteverde, a mountainous area previously inhabited by Quakers. Students were also given the privilege to plant trees and visit local schools later in the week.

A highlight of the trip was hiking in Arenal Volcano National Park. With a difficult terrain and an amazing view, the park left everyone feeling inspired. Katie Klenk (275) remarked, “My favorite part was probably when we planted trees to help expand the cloud forest because the whole trip was based around Costa Rica’s natural beauty and how unique it is.”

Even with a jam-packed week, the students still had free time to explore the towns that they were staying in or to relax by the pool. What started as a group of eight classmates ended up being a close group of friends by the end of the trip. Mr. Giacomini was amazed with how everybody came together perfectly and how it didn’t even feel like he was chaperoning. “The tour guide actually said that it felt like he had week off because of the size of the group and their awesome behavior,” stated Mr. Giacomini.

William Myrick (275) stated, “Getting to know the other Central kids was honestly a blast. It was a bit of an odd group and going into it I knew most of the people only casually. But in Costa Rica I would say we got super close, and I would even call them some of my closer friends even if I don’t see them that often in school.” When asked about their chaperone, Myrick replied, “Mr. G was pretty amazing, we met his wife, Taron, and she was incredibly nice!”

When students flooded the hallways the Monday following break, there were stories of the music department trip to Chicago, personal travels, and explorations of Philadelphia. Even with a multitude of experiences, only a few were able to share the astounding stories of Costa Rica—ones that they will always remember.

Zoey Miller (275)
Staff Writer

Photos courtesy of Katie Klenk (275).

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