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Junior Prom: An Event Right up 276’s Alley

The DJ takes a selfie with all 276. Photo courtesy of Lucky Strike’s Facebook page.

On Friday, April 15th, the class of 276 attended its junior prom at Lucky Strike, an upscale bowling alley in Center City. After taking numerous photos with friends before arriving at the event, students traded their dressy footwear for bowling shoes and tacky socks. The students enjoyed four hours of bowling, great music, dancing, and fun.

Once they entered Lucky Strike, attendees took an elevator to the third floor (or walked, if their high heels permitted it), where they beheld a huge dance floor surrounded by a bar, photo booth, pool table, and six bowling lanes. David Saddic (276) admired the venue, describing it as having a “grand atmosphere.” According to several students, the best part about the location was the variety of activities they could take part in. “There were a lot of different things to do like couples’ bowling, ping pong, and [I ended] the night with Connect Four,” said Lola Genera (276). The unique setting of the prom appealed to everyone and provided substitute options to those many students lacking an affinity for dancing.

For 276, the prom was a very popular event. 276’s class sponsor, Ms. Jacklin, stated that the attendance exceeded that of all the years she has on record; upwards of four-hundred people bought tickets. Junior President Michael Behanan wishes he could go back and live the experience over again. Commending the dance, he said, “It was lit… but no, seriously, I think it was a very successful event. We were pleased with the huge class participation and how the event turned out overall.”

Though the great praise by the junior class suggests that this dance cannot be topped, Ms. Jacklin has already outdone herself by booking a fabulous venue for 276’s senior prom. With fond memories from Lucky Strike forever in their minds, the class of 276 looks forward to their final prom at The Ballroom at the Ben.

Bella Baff (276)
Entertainment Editor

Photos compiled by Bella Baff (276).

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