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Fighting for Every Win

Kyle Rosenburg (275) playing in a game. Photo Credit: Gentian Alimadhi

The baseball season is in full swing, and Central’s varsity team has a lot of reasons to be optimistic. Perhaps it is too soon to say, but with wins in its first two scrimmages and victories against Swenson High and Prep Charter, it appears that the team has a good chance of winning the public league championship for the first time since 2010. “We’re gonna be up there,” commented Isaac Spear (276), a second baseman on the varsity baseball team.  

In its first game, the team was able to score their sixteen runs by going up to bat only twice, allowing only one hit in the two and a half innings that they played before the mercy rule came into effect. With a team that makes few errors, has an expert pitching staff, and has a total batting average of .363, Central seems to have the tools necessary to secure the city title (statistical information provided by MaxPreps).

“We’re looking to go far this year, and we want to win the Public League Championship,” said outfielder Jared DiCampello (276). “We just have to put it all together on the field.” How far the team will go remains to be seen, however, it is certain that the players will be very competitive and fight for every Lancer win.

Jordan Fredette (276)
Staff Writer

Photo Credits:
Gentian Alimadhi

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