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“Seussical The Musical” is a Smash Hit!

"Seussical" buttons being sold outside of the auditorium. Photo Credit: Albert Tanjaya (275)

No one could have predicted how well the Music Department would pull off this year’s play, Seussical The Musical, a collaboration of Dr. Seuss’s greatest works.

Throughout the first full week of April, crowds were full of laughs, ahhs, and ooh’s and indulged in the colorful setting and the enthusiastic musical numbers. The hills in the set provided an all new dynamic to the flat stage setting, and we many of the characters in the play took advantage of the three-dimensional environment as they rose and fell dramatically. The set showcased a range of colors that painted a beautiful scene and intensified the emotion that came with it.

Many of Dr. Seuss’s famous characters made star appearances throughout the performance. The costumes were flamboyant with bright bold colors and creative designs. Eype John (275) showcased a big gray shirt, an abnormally large tie with a pink nose, and flappy ears to resemble Horton the Elephant. Dylan Lewis (277), as the Sour Kangaroo, showed off her orange romper and held up a baby kangaroo. And who could forget Lucia Tepper (276) as The Cat and the Hat in the sequence suit!

Interestingly enough, the entire play managed to run without much dialogue, but rather a massive slew of musical numbers, each set in a different style for each character. The songs and musical numbers seemed to characterize the actors more and allow emotion and story-driven plot to be showcased by means of the power of song.

Veteran actresses Erika Nolan (275) and Ann-Marie Aves (275), who played Mayzie Labird and Gertrude McFuzz, respectively, had great chemistry on stage with their illustrious colored, puffy tails.

Erika Nolan (275) commented that Seussical was her favorite play yet, saying, “Playing Mayzie, the diva bird, was a little difficult, but altogether I loved the character.” Ann-Marie Aves said that Central’s plays are unique experiences every year, stating, “The cast really becomes a family.” She also commented that her whimsical character, Gertrude McFuzz, “was a real sweetheart and I fell in love with her.”

The show focused greatly on thinking big with the audience’s imagination. The character that emphasized the theme of creativity was Jojo, the young boy in the play, played by Andrew Niedermier (278). His character expressed the true nature of a child’s imagination. His thinks were quite thoughtful and his character was a very humbling focal point for the audience. When paired with the Cat in the Hat, Jojo brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Individuals who participated in the show’s production, on and off stage, reflected on their experience as a grand time. Many people worked very hard and diligently to bring the production to fruition. Audience member Barbara Ullman (275) remarked, “The play exceeded my expectations. It had depth and comedic scenes that an older audience would appreciate. I enjoyed the musical songs and the personality of the characters.”

Mr. Blazer, the orchestra’s conductor, said, “Seussical displayed the ability of many students and staff from a multitude of disciplines to come together for a common goal. I always love to see the teamwork that results.  Everyone put their best foot forward and made this one of the best productions to date.”

Seussical The Musical was a fantastic showcase of Central’s talent, and the music department once again outdid itself through great performances. Seussical managed to incite drama, amazement, and best of all, humor from the audience. It has left its mark on the Central community, and will surely leave behind lasting memories for the cast and audience alike!

Daniel Woody-Guyton (275)
Staff Writer

Photo Credits:
Albert Tanjaya (275)
Staff Photographer

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