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Freshman Orientation 2016

Freshmen gather in the library. Photo credit: Emma Helstrom (277)

Anticipation, and a bit of fear, filled the halls this week at Central. Freshmen and transfer students alike visited the school from August 22 through the 25 to tour the building, meet fellow classmates, and learn a few rules and tips.

President McKenna; Mr. Julien, Spanish teacher and disciplinarian; Ms. Haskins, English teacher and freshman sponsor; and other staff members welcomed the students into the auditorium and gave them a general overview of what their next four years are going to be like as well as what is expected of them. They were then sent off to their activities for the day.

Current Central students hosted stations for the incoming freshmen to come through. The freshmen got their ID pictures taken, Edline accounts created, and played games with the upperclassmen. The students engaged in icebreakers in which they interacted with their future classmates, learned the school song and “Rock the Red and Gold,” and were an audience to several skits describing what to do and not to do at Central.

Sami Kakar (278), a transfer student from Northeast High School, got a great first impression. “The people seem to be extraordinary. Very nice and down to earth,” he said.

Hanif Sumner (279) says he is looking forward to challenging himself at Central. “I’m going to really push myself. I want to go to Harvard!” he exclaimed.

As the day came to a close, the new Central students filtered into the auditorium again where the cheerleaders and pep squad gave a small performance, and the orientation leaders joined them in singing the school song and “Rock the Red and Gold” one last time.

It’s safe to say that everyone was thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm and ambition 279 possessed, especially Ms. Haskins. “They’re a great group,” she explained. “Over five hundred of them.”

Ms. Haskins also had some advice to offer to incoming students. “Ask questions and be ready to take responsibility,” she said.

A very insightful week marked the beginning of 279’s high school journey. They will be back on September 6 to run through their rosters.

Good luck 279! We wish you well.

Jamie Razler (277)
Staff Writer

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