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279 Ready For Central Career!

Nervous freshmen scrambled around the auditorium early morning on Tuesday, September 6, trying to find their new advisory. This was their first taste of Central’s unique style, as well as their first official day in high school. Orientation leaders were stationed in every hallway, classroom, and lunch area to guide panicked freshmen from place to place. Most stragglers between classes had the same questions for the orientation leaders: “How do I get to the 4th floor?” “Where’s the main hallway?” and “Why do I have music and gym at the same time?”

Despite the confusion, the students figured out how their rosters work by around 4th period. Clubs like Robotics and The Mirror advertised in the lunchroom and to English classes to get freshmen excited for extracurriculars. Many of their questions were answered and their fear was replaced with confidence by the end of the day, making 279’s orientation a success.

Emily Wilson (276)
Staff Writer

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