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PSA to 279: Ten Things You Should Have Worked Out By Now

Underclassmen at the freshman entrance. Photo by Anna Pugsley (276)

       Ah, the first days of fall: finally, boot-wearing, pumpkin-spice-drinking, leaf-turning season. Personally, I’m ready to retire the flip flops and bring out the oversize sweaters. As the weather starts adjusting, so too should our freshmen. Well 279, you’ve officially had your first month in high school, but if you aren’t feeling at home yet, here are the ten things about Central you should have worked out by now.

  1. There is no pool on the roof. Any upperclassman who has told you that was lying.
  2. Navigating Central is like driving: stay in your lane, don’t sit idly in the middle, and try not to crash into people (particularly small people like yours truly).
  3. Yes, you do look like a nerd running to class.
  4. Use the end staircase if you have to run to the fourth floor from the basement.
  5. Lunch ladies are your friends. Be nice to them now and you’ll get all the tater tots you want senior year.
  6. GO TO HOMECOMING! It’s one of the only events freshmen can go to. GO! It’s an amazing night.
  7. If in need of AC, befriend the music department or the beloved Mr. Lobron in the library.
  8. Change in your pocket is metal. No further explanation needed.
  9. Central is an old building, and sometimes you’ll find an insect friend in a bathroom. If presented with such a situation, my advice is use the third floor bathrooms.
  10. Freshman year is the easiest year at Central. ENJOY IT.

Eugenie St. John-Sutton (276)
Entertainment Editor

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