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CHS Beyoncé World Tour Experience

            “It was such an amazing night. Beyonce is even more amazing and fantastic live and it was such a great experience to share with the most amazing senior class ever”-  Eugenie St. John Sutton

            All hail Queen Bey! Thanks to Beyoncé’s donation of over a thousand tickets to the School District of Philadelphia, Central seniors were able to enjoy an unforgettable night. On Thursday, September 29th, students and faculty from about 68 different high schools attended Bey’s World Tour Concert for FREE! The lucky students who had the chance to witness perfection in its finest form did not squander such an amazing opportunity. Though most students would agree that Bey’s act was near perfect, the weather was another story. But did the rain stop Queen Bey and her loyal fans? Never. She gracefully continued her performance and the night ran smoothly. Central students will never forget this chance of a lifetime. These tickets mean much more than attending an idol’s concert, but they represent the graciousness of those who see an opportunity to better the lives of the youth. Not only did Beyoncé donate these tickets and graciously continue her performance, but she gave 276 bragging rights. How many Central Seniors can actually say that they won free tickets to see Sasha Fierce herself? Oh wait, 276 can! I would like to see future Central Seniors beat that! (And yes, I am talking to you 277).


img_3998Picture credits: Grace Del Vechio (277), Eloise Kadlecek (277)

Koralys Deida (276)
Entertainment Editor

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