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276’s First Blood Drive

Tiffany Tran (276) donates blood. Photo credit: Elsa Rash (276)

               The 2016-2017 school year is now fully underway, which means that it is time for the seniors of 276 to host their first blood drive. This important event is put on every year by the senior class, and it happens about three or four times a year. The blood drive committee works extremely hard to round up as many volunteers as they can, and they spend days planning and organizing this massive event. It pays off – many Central students (provided they’re 16 or older) sign up to donate blood, and if for whatever reason they are unable to, the students are incredibly disappointed. Each blood donation saves 3 lives, and although many students don’t know this, if one is completely healthy and in shape, most people are eligible to give double that!

               Nancy Dauti (276), member of the blood drive committee, says of this week’s event, “We collected 91 donations, which is pretty great, and I’m thankful to everyone who participated. I want the next one to be even better, and for more people to come and donate, because it’s a really good cause.” 276’s next blood drive will be sometime in the winter, so those of you who are 16 or older should be sure to sign up and head to the dance gym to donate!

Lena Popkin (277)
News Editor

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