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What’s New with Central’s Writing Center?

Ms. Catlin excitedly displays Writing Center information. Photo credit: Koralys Deida (276)

Central High School is well-known for the many interesting and exciting extracurricular opportunities that it offers. Among such activities, one that benefits every Central student is the Writing Center! Its primary function is to help students hone their writing skills and effectively apply them to future writing assignments. “The writing center provides students an avenue to have their voice be heard through one-on-one scheduled sessions,” explains tutor Chastidy Rubin (276). In order to make the Writing Center more accessible, a new schedule has been implemented. It will operate Tuesday through Thursday during advisory AND after school from 3:00-4:00 pm in room 308. “Our goal is to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule and to insure students receive a session.  To get the most out of the service, Central students can sign up through the centralhigh.net website,” said Writing Center director, Ms. Catlin. Go to centralhigh.net, click on “Peer Tutoring,” then “Writing Center Help Request.” Now that this information is out, Central students should have the resources needed to get A’s on their English essays!

Koralys Deida (276)
Entertainment Editor

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