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Monday Mornings

Just a typical Monday morning for students. Photo credit: Syama Patel (276)

          Hey, Lancers. Is there anything better than Monday mornings? The first day that you can wake up to the sunrise and start your next productive week. The early bird catches the worm, right? WRONG. Monday mornings are THE WORST. I know. Take it from someone who literally fell asleep in the shower twice junior year and doesn’t wake up unless you physically drag her body out of bed. However, it seems like Mondays come with a particularly bitter taste.

          First off, getting to school is always a struggle. Mondays seem to be the most struggle-some of the week. SEPTA is confused as to why, after two peaceful days of no loud and pushy children, suddenly hundreds pile onto one bus and run through the closing doors of the subway. And don’t even get me started if it happens to be raining as well. That, my friends, is the evil eye. All hell breaks loose if even a drop of water falls in Philadelphia. Being from England, I’m used to the rain. I enjoy it from the comfort of my bed, and I don’t mind going out without an umbrella. I can survive. However, even on a Monday morning, I am not in the mood.


A Central student’s best friend. PC: Emma Helstrom (277)

          Mondays also bring teachers a false sense of their students’ work ethic. Shoutout to the teachers that give tests on a Monday! Trying to give students a test on a Monday is the worst curveball you could throw them. It stresses them out all weekend, they procrastinate studying, and everyone ends up in a tiff. I know that’s the completely wrong mindset, but I need to know your attitude towards this test to take it with a full sense of security. I know that doesn’t automatically make me know the answers, but it sure does boost my confidence. You better bend that curve into a pretzel, you Monday-test-givers you.

          But then, you get through the day, nothing disastrous happens, and then you realize: It’s Monday. You have four more days of this. Enjoy :).

Eugenie St. John-Sutton (276)
Entertainment Editor

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