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Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team Ends Season With Tough Loss

          October 13th was a momentous day for Central’s Girls’ Volleyball team. “We finally got off the L-train.” Said Rachelle Potente (276). After three consecutive losses, the team has been working hard to improve on skills and team chemistry. I hope we do make it to the championship.” After starting the season off strong, the team suffered three losses in a row to Masterman, Olney, and Kensington. However, the team refused to accept defeat and continued to push harder in their training as individuals and as a team.

       “We’ve been working hard this season. I’m proud of this team, we’re leaving it all out on the floor.” says Marcela Rolón-Dow (277),  junior captain. After losing in the 2015 Semi-Finals to Kensington High School, the team is aware of the hard work that is needed for success. The players plan to bounce back and show their true capability.

        On October 20th, the team won against George Washington Carver High School, earning them a spot in the playoffs. Despite a season that was full of ups and downs, the Lancers were confident in the chances for a deep run in the playoffs. “I know what we’re capable of and I have no doubt that if we continue to put in effort we can get to the championship,” said Colleen Donahue (276), another team captain. With a record of 7-4, the girls headed into the playoffs in search of a public league crown.

        However, on October 27, the girls were defeated by Kensington high school 3-1, but this time in the public league final. Though the Lancers lost in the final, the team has fought through adversity all season and should be proud of their determination.


Grace Del Vecchio (277)
Staff Writer

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