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The Magic Behind Spirit Day

          On Tuesday, October 25, Central High School Seniors enjoyed their Spirit Day and Superpan photo. Spirit Day is the one day of the year where Central Seniors can show off their school spirit by wearing the school colors, crimson and gold. It was an unforgettable moment for 276, it was the moment that signified a universal truth: they were undeniably SENIORS! Though the seniors may have thought the hardest part of Spirit Day was staying in place for their photos, there was a lot of effort that went into preparing for and organizing the event. This shout out goes to Ms. Cameron and her yearbook staff! After school, the day before Spirit Day, the Yearbook staff and Ms. Cameron labored endlessly to properly lay out the senior class number. This is easier said than done, but our devoted Yearbook staff was able to accomplish this tantalizing task. Not only did the Yearbook committee create the layout, but they also had to direct the Superpan picture. “It can be frustrating when you know you’re responsible for getting 510 kids together especially when time is very limited, but in the end we got everyone together and finished everything we needed to,” said Mariam Talakhadze, a yearbook editor. Many students do not truly grasp the huge responsibility that sponsors such as Ms.Cameron have every year, especially when dealing with such an important task such as creating the Yearbook. So the next time you see Ms.Cameron in the hallways be sure to tell her how much you appreciate all the time and effort that she and the staff put into making our yearbook amazing!


Koralys Deida (276)
Entertainment Editor

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