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224 STEAM Innovation Grant: Apply Now!

All students and faculty members are encouraged to apply for the class of 224’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) innovation grant! 224 aims to raise $224,000 to support and subsidize opportunities that will enrich Central’s academic experience. Almost any academic field is eligible for this grant (athletics not covered). Grant applications normally have a $1,000 cap (more will be awarded for extraordinary situations) and must not request anything the School District of Philadelphia provides; field trips, arranging guest speakers, contest entrance fees, and university class and seminar costs are all subsidized under this grant.

Student applicants must keep their sponsors or faculty advisors informed when they apply by keeping electronic carbon copies. All grant requests will include a short, informal interview with 224 members; applicants must present their plans for the grant money and questions will follow. Upon receiving grant money, applicants must complete a feedback report. The attached link includes the application template, grant process details, and the report template. Before applying, please review all three documents for further information.

This is a unique and special opportunity for Central faculty and students of all backgrounds to pursue what they would like, but have been held back by a lack of funding. Faculty member Galeet Cohen (256) conceived the idea, and the class of 224 took action to make this an idea a reality for the Central community. Special thanks to 224 alumni Mark Lipshutz and Ben Lipman. Do not hesitate to apply and take advantage of this generous gift!



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