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Central’s Dream Team

Ms. Jacklin (left) and Mr. Drago (right) stand in front of their office in room 320A. PC: Emma Helstrom (277)

          An unusual occurrence has taken place in Central— maybe the first of its kind in school history. Two class sponsors have not only laid down their arms of competition, but have also become the school’s latest dynamic duo. Furthermore, Mr. Drago (class sponsor of 277) and Ms. Jacklin (class sponsor of 276) have devoted their time and effort to the advancement of Central as a whole, not just their respective classes, and, needless to say, such collaboration between sponsors is unheard of. Some friendly rivalry and even a little playful animosity are commonplace, but teamwork bucks the norm. Working together in room 320A, their “palace without windows,” (as they both like to call it) they’ve created events for both the senior and junior classes to enjoy. Mr. Drago was motivated to become the sponsor of 277 after teaching its members; Ms. Jacklin was kind enough to mentor him, and they have been a team ever since.  

However, they are not working alone. Each sponsor has a student committee composed of the class’s cabinet members and volunteers. Not only have they proven themselves critical to initiating the many tasks that come with running a class, but they’ve also made important contributions to the school. Central-Thon was student-inspired and will likely occur every year as a new Central tradition. The Blood Drive, another school event that helps many in need of life-saving blood, is largely student driven with little need for faculty to intervene. Jana Pugsley (277), a member of the 277 student team, said,“Working with Mr. Drago and my classmates to create a unique high school experience for 277 has been incredible. The work and time that everyone willingly provides to make spectacular class events possible demonstrates how much we care about Central and our peers.” Surprisingly, many members of the student teams are IB/AP students who sacrifice their time, already under strain from other extracurriculars, to run the committee. Many of these same students are not even doing it for recognition or community service, but out of love for Central.

This combination of Ms. Jacklin, Mr. Drago, and some hard-working students has largely become Central’s nervous system. Ms. Jacklin herself said, “What I’ve learned from this experience is that in order for the sponsor job to work you need three things: support from administration, a motivated class, and a shoulder to lean on. I count myself lucky that I have all three.”  Judging by the sheer effort of all participating parties, the school wouldn’t have a surplus of opportunities and events in it without such stellar help. Working tirelessly behind the scenes for the school, they have done it all, from organizing Homecoming, to planning prom. Mr. Drago advises future sponsors to rely on teamwork to have a successful and fun school year. He also said, “I enjoy nothing more than harnessing the passion of Central students and directing their energies toward a higher goal. These students make this school the best school in the universe, and I am honored to have the chance to provide a minor role in cultivating their potentials.” Perhaps this new method of running a class will catch on. Regardless, it is evident that Ms. Jacklin and Mr. Drago are passionate about their work for Central, and our community should be aware of their contributions to the school as well as the work of the student committees. Hopefully, all Central classes will have sponsors as devoted and hard-working as these two.

Ashish Abraham (277)
News Editor

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