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PWE: Political Wrestling Entertainment

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        If one has even glanced at the news recently, they would have seen a constant stream of round-the-clock election coverage, and if they have looked through the ceaseless media coverage of the election, they would have seen scandal after scandal, of which both candidates have had their fair share of. Whether genuine or exaggerated, it can get difficult to wrestle with all the drama of this election. Moreover, with election day fast approaching, the citizens of our nation will have to make a choice which will have an major and long-lasting impact on the country. While political tensions escalate, it helps to take a step back and enjoy some of the more lighthearted parts of the candidates’ past. One of many unforeseen occurrences includes a wrestler weighing in at 236 pounds: Donald J. Trump.

Since being nominated as the Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Trump and his unpleasant past have been widely scrutinized, the public eye seeing headlines involving bankruptcy reports, sexist and racist comments, and morally questionable behavior. However, what has been left uncovered may leave one in shock: Trump’s association with World Wrestling Entertainment. Donald Trump has a longstanding relationship with the founder of WWE, Vince McMahon. Both businessmen have considered each other a friend for over 30 years. In addition, Trump has hosted Wrestlemania IV and V  the only time Wrestlemania has been held in the same location two consecutive years at his Atlantic City property: Trump Plaza. Not only has Mr. Trump provided a venue for WWE events, but he has also featured in wrestling matches.

Trump was a special guest during Wrestlemania 23, 2007. During this event, Trump and WWE owner Vince McMahon faced off as the premier event. However, before the two faced off, Trump took on his “rival” Rosie O’Donnell who was portrayed by an actual wrestler. The match between Trump and McMahon happened about a month after a the Rosie O’Donnell match, in the interim the two businessmen had a series of interactions which further escalated the situation and added fuel to the fire, such as Trump interrupting McMahon’s fan zone ceremony. The fight was touted as the “Hair vs Hair” match, with the loser having to shave his head. Trump won, and McMahon had to shave his head.

As the election gets closer, the controversies get more numerous and the tension runs higher. Trump’s history with WWE may provide some refreshing perspective on some of his comments and some of his actions and comments. And it seems that Mr. Trump may have forgotten he’s no longer in the ring, but he’s one person away from running the most powerful country in the world.


Mr. Trump involved in the WWE. Source: Bleacher Report

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