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Kids Helping Kids be Kids

Picture credit: Jana Pugsley (277)

Family, friends, and of course, food embody the crucial “Fs” of the holiday season, a time for cheer and inevitably buying into way too many commercial advertisements. However, one letter that is often forgotten during this time of the year is “c”. Not c for clementine or c for Central (that’s always important), but c for children, as in the children waking up on Christmas morning with no gifts to look forward to nor a family to enjoy them with. Last March, Central held its very first Central-THON, a dance marathon whose donations benefited CHOP and the Children’s Miracle Network. In an effort to encourage Lancers to be mindful of children-in-need all year long, Central’s newest venture involves hosting its first toy-drive that students can directly donate to, and whose donations go straight to CHOP. A main toy-drive drop-off bin will be located in room 211 during advisory, while 277 committee members will also go around advisories for toy collection between November 28th and December 16th. In true Central spirit, Lancers are encouraged to give back to the community by helping kids be kids all year long. 

Wondering what’s appropriate to donate? The complete “Holiday Wish List” can be found at http://media.chop.edu/data/files/pdfs/child-life-holiday-wishlist.pdf.


Darya Bershadskaya (277)
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