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More Than Just a Basketball Player: Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor (276) has a genuine passion for basketball and music. As an experienced co-captain, he will look to help lead the Lancers to victory this year. Picture Credits: Christopher Prysock (276)

Lancer senior Guard Brandon Taylor is beginning his third year as a varsity basketball player and his second year as captain. This season he will be expected to step up as as more of a leader than in years past.

The Lancers started the season off on a rough note on Friday December 9, while playing against the Cheltenham Panthers, eventually losing 53-31. However, the following day, they bounced back with a close win against the Frankford Pioneers, 47-44.

Despite the mixed start, Taylor is optimistic about the team’s season, even admitting, “I feel like we can have a solid, regular season and even make some noise in the playoffs. Being a senior and 3rd year returnee, I almost feel like it’s my duty to lead the team.”

At the basketball games when Taylor hears his father call him Raheem he finds himself picking up his game. “Raheem, it’s a code name that my dad came up with for my basketball games because coach (Havilland) Harper would get upset when he would say things to me during my games.”

Along with being a big piece for the Lancers on the court, Taylor spends time writing music and writing songs off the court. Meet Brandon Taylor the artist, or as he calls himself BT Raheem.

“The BT part is just my initials and everyone around me has been calling me that for years now,” said Taylor. “At the Cheltenham game in 2015 my dad yelled ‘Raheem’ multiple times when talking to me on the court and the people who knew that it was my dad began calling me that. Put the two of them together and you have BT Raheem.”

Making music has been a passion for Brandon since he was in the seventh grade. He began by writing songs in his notebook, but nothing beyond that. When at Central, friends Sherell Slater and Steven Jones, who are also seniors, convinced him to start taking music seriously.

“I saw that Sherell and Steve made music so I connected with them and JQ (Joey Quiles 276),” said Taylor. “We made a song that got great feedback, so I decided to keep making music.”

Sherell and Taylor are also teammates, with Sherell being a forward on the team. Taylor has a deep love for basketball, but music is taking a larger role in his life than he ever thought it would.  “I love playing basketball and whenever I see a court and a ball I’m always going to pick it up and play,” said Taylor. “Hopefully in college I’m blessed with an opportunity to play basketball wherever I choose to go, but if not I may have to put it on the back burner. I do plan on continuing to make music after high school because I’m just getting started and having a lot of fun with it.”

 Senior guard Brandon Taylor and the Lancers (1-1) will host Bartram at 3:15 on Tuesday for their home opener.

Kristian Rhim (276)
Sports Editor

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