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Honors Convocation 2016

Picture Credits: Laura Jacklin

Many of the talented seniors of 276 have received national recognition for their academic achievements, and Central High School gave them a well deserved Honors Convocation ceremony on Wednesday, December 14 in the auditorium. President McKenna made opening remarks to the senior class and the parents of students receiving special honors. He commended 276 for having the highest percentage of students on honor roll in the school stating that “senioritis has not crept into your minds yet” and also commended them for leading a historic sports season for Central. He then invited assistant principals Ms. Harrington and Ms. Scott to honor the members of 276 who earned high honors (all A’s) in the first quarter of the academic year, Advanced Placement Program awards, commendation or semifinalist status from the National Merit Scholarship Competition, and the National Hispanic Recognition Program.

Social studies teacher and CHS building representative George Bezanis, Home and School Association co-president Laura Buonomo, and Associated Alumni president Stephen Chapell Esq. (209) all gave congratulatory speeches to the senior class before the students who received honors and their parents were invited to the Spain Conference Center for breakfast and pictures with President McKenna. Each of the students there received crewneck sweaters from the school marking them as Central High School Scholars.

Wednesday’s ceremony brought 276 into the final stretch of their high school careers.  President McKenna reminded the class that “The Honors Convocation is the first in a series of celebrations… in just six short months you’ll be graduating.”

Jana Pugsley (277)
News Editor

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