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Girls’ Lacrosse: Anticipating Success

Girls' Lacrosse team. Photo: Grace Del Vecchio (277)

A group of inexperienced junior varsity lacrosse players, many of whom hadn’t even set eyes on a lacrosse stick, decided to form a lacrosse team two years ago. No one would have imagined the the determination that which the Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team has provided since. Ms. Snyder, the head coach and social studies teacher at Central High School, commented, “Our biggest challenge has been taking inexperienced players to the next level, but the progress we’ve made is outstanding.” With open gyms beginning in December, the team made a clear goal for the upcoming season: to vigorously compete and win. This message was clearly appealing, as forty girls came out for lacrosse tryouts, which began this past week. “I can feel that lax [lacrosse] this year is going to be thrilling. We have a dedicated team with ambitious prospects and objectives. Lacrosse is an exuberant sport with an exciting dynamic. We hope to create a legacy in the district,” stated Serena Schwartz (277).

As last season was the girls’ first season as a Varsity team, they were hit with beginner challenges. Northeast High School and Franklin Towne Charter presented competitive opposition in regular season and playoffs. “We had high hopes for the team last year, confident that we’d make it to playoffs; which we did. Unfortunately, we were defeated in the playoffs which was dreadful. Many of us were extremely disappointed in ourselves. However, we plan to use the outcome of last year to motivate us through our upcoming season,” says Adela Qalliaj (277).  

The girls plan for the 2017 season is to develop team culture and compete. Starting goalie, Talynn Holman (276), stated, “We need more confidence when we go into our games. Our skill is present, but we just need to put our minds to it. Once we do this, we can accomplish anything.” Thayná Menezes (276) similarly stated, “Attitude is everything. We’re still a pretty new team and this is our second year playing as a varsity team. We didn’t do bad last year considering it was our first year and we actually made it to semifinals, but we are prepared to work hard and win it all this year. So keeping a positive attitude and mindset is essential to achieving our goal.”  

The team will play their season-opener against Franklin Towne Charter on March 29th.  Come out in support of Central’s Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team and their road to success.

Grace Del Vecchio (277)
Staff Writer


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