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Robotics Team Represents Central in State Championship

Robolancers FTC Robot PC: Robolancers Flickr

On February 25, the Robolancers competed in the FTC State Championship at Dallastown Intermediate School in York PA. The competition was intense, the stakes were high, and the robots were spectacular. Yet, the Robolancers, as always, did their best and managed to impress.

About thirty members of the team attended the competition and a few hundred others were present. Thirty-six teams vied for victory, including Central and Girls High. Many of the Robolancers came not to compete, but rather to volunteer and provide moral support for their teammates.

There are four levels of robotics competitions and each year they are assigned a new game. This year, the robots were required to shoot balls into the Center Vortex, a center goal, and the Corner Vortices, corner goals. Although the Robolancers did not win, their skillful and sophisticated creation is not only deserving of much praise, but serves as a testament to their hard work and dedication.

The FTC competition, or FIRST Tech Challenge, is a competition used by the Robolancers as a sort of training session for their newer members. Raina Mills (277) compared the FTC competition to “JV”. Nonetheless, this competition is valuable in that it is meant to provide members with knowledge and experience that prepares them to move up the robotics ranks.  

Meanwhile, the FRC, or FIRST Robotics Competition, which Raina compared to “varsity,” is gearing up for its competition season. Their first match was March 5 at West Chester.


Judge reviews Robolancers’ robot PC: Robolancers Flickr

Miriam Solowey (277)
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