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Central’s Science Fair Victories

The first place winners. PC: Van Truong

For many years, Central has sent many of its brilliant students to participate in local science fairs such as the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) and George Washington Carver, and said students have always brought pride to the school with their accolades. This year is no exception, as twenty students have recently won 1st place at the regional PJAS competition.

But what is science fair? When one thinks of a science fair, they usually envision a crowded auditorium filled with boards upon which various amounts of paper and glitter have been plastered. Yet, that is not the case for the higher-level competitions in which many high school students participate. To compete in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, one must present a 5-minute PowerPoint on their project to three judges (who are usually experts in their respective fields of science) along with a group of their peers. The judges then evaluate the participant to decide whether they’ve earned a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award. Thus, there can be multiple 1st place winners in this competition.

But the competition doesn’t end there! All 1st place winners of the regional PJAS competition are able to compete at the state-level, which takes place at the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University. Therefore, Central’s 20 winners will continue to present their projects at a more advanced stage. As a community, let us wish them best of luck as they continue to bring Central pride with their amazing projects and hard work.

The following students were the 1st place winners of the PJAS regional competition, along with their category:

Nhung Nhan (279) Behavioral Science
Hieu Nguyen (277) Behavioral Science
Igor Tugluk (278) Biochemistry
Helen Jiang (277) Biology
Elya Kaplan (277) Biology
Xue Yao Zou (276) Biology
Sam Huynh (279) Botany
Daniel Molchansky (279) Botany
MaryElizabeth Greeley (278) Computer Science
Vincent Yang (279) Environmental Science
Frances Ye (278) Ecology
Oleksandr Goncharov (279) Engineering
Doreen Valmyr (279) Engineering
Omar Swidan (277) Engineering
Annalisa Quinn (279) Microbiology
Silvi Minga (277) Microbiology
Shaina Shakeel (277) Microbiology
Shehbeel Arif (277) Physics
Jack Hehmeyer (277) Zoology
Hope Boone (276) Zoology

Ashish Abraham (277)
News Editor

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