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Central Takes on Carver Science Fair: 2017

Yasmine Mezoury, Helen Li, Kejsi Ruka (278) 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from the right. PC: Ms. Truong

On March 16, students enrolled in Advanced Research headed over to Temple’s Student Pavilion Center to complete in the George Washington Carver Science Fair. For those unfamiliar with the event, the organization of this science fair is different from the PJAS Science fair because instead of presenting powerpoints to judges, students show off their experiments via posterboard. Students wait for hours to have their posters critiqued by judges and then they must wait until the closing of the event to take their posters down and go home. It is not until a few days after the event that students hear whether or not they were chosen to receive a reward for Carver in their respected category.

The competition at the science fairs can either be huge or nothing at all. Some categories, like the environmental science category, had a vast amount of entries, while some other categories, like computer science, may have only had a few. However, when a student is new to competitions like Carver science fair, they should not think about what the judges wants as much as they should think about the impact their project could have on STEM fields. Perhaps one’s high school project could develop into a life-changing career in science, earning someone more acclaim than a simple high school medal and certificate.

On March 24, the winners of Carver Science Fair headed over to the Academy of Natural Sciences to receive their anticipated awards after a long wait of not knowing whether they received first place or an honorable mention. The awards ceremony started at around 1:30 pm and recognized honorable contributors to the funding of the science fair. Before they gave out the medals for first, second, and third place, “special” money awards were given out by sponsors of the event to recognize students who had projects that stood out to those sponsors. Three Central students received special awards for their projects. After all these special awards were given out, the presenters moved onto the category winners. Every Central student who attended the ceremony received some sort of award whether it was an honorable mention or first place.  Central students have always thrived during science fairs and hope to continue this tradition of greatness.

The following students received rewards for the projects:

Brittany Ruiz (278) Behavioral & Health Sciences- Honorable Mention

Igor Tugluk (278) BioChemistry- 1st Place

Helen Jiang (277) BioChemistry- 2nd place and Naval Science Special Awards

Sam Huynh (279) Botany- Honorable Mention

Myra Granato (277) Botany- 3rd place

Shehbeel Arif (277) Chemistry- 1st place

MaryElizabeth Greeley (278) Computer Science- 1st place and Lockheed Martin Award

Doreen Valmyr (279) Earth Science- 2nd place

Omar Swidan (277) Engineering- 3rd place

Frances Yu (278) Environmental Science- 3rd place

Annalisa Quinn (279) Environmental Science- 1st place

Silvi Minga (277) Medicine and Health- 1st place and Naval Science Special Award

Leon Zhang (277) Microbiology- Honorable Mention

Hope Boone (276) Zoology- 2nd Place

Group Project- 2nd place

Kejsi Ruka (278)

Yasmine Mezoury (278)

Helen Li (278)

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MaryElizabeth Greeley (278)
Staff Writer

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