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278 Soph Hop a Great Success

Left to right: Cayla Michaels, Taylor Viz, Ola Owudunni, Helena Grace, Elizabeth Moore, Marley Shuman, Alexandra Gartner, Maddie Mast. Photo Credit: Ernesto Estremera (278)

Soph Hop has always been one of the most popular class events at Central. On March 24, 278 celebrated their Soph Hop at Romano’s Catering.  Preceding the event was an assembly to give out special customized 278 chain bracelets and 278 money clips. Many people wore their bracelets to the dance to show their class pride and also to add a little glimmer to their outfits. “I thought it was really cool how we could request our own music” said Yasmine Mezoury (278) on how 278 had a chance to pre-request songs by filling out a Google form online. An hour into the event, there was a lovely dinner provided by Romano’s Catering. The entrees included salmon, chicken with vegetables, roast beef, penne pasta, and green salads. Perhaps the most extravagant part of the meal was a personalized vanilla cake with the number “278” written in yellow icing adorned with red, yellow, and white roses. Clearly this food was nothing to frown at.

After dinner, people took again to the dance floor, dancing along to songs as “old” as Single Ladies by Beyonce to songs as new as the previous week. Dancing continued throughout the night and never ceased even while people were standing in line to receive dinner. Some students were new to the idea of a high school dance, as opposed to awkward middle school dances, and so some people were reluctant to dance. However, people became more confident and soon took to the dance floor to have fun. When people were not dancing, they were most likely taking pictures around the elegant setting at Romano’s Catering. Quite possibly the most popular photo spot was in front of a beautiful fountain which provided a sophisticated venue for taking group photos worthy enough to grace one’s Instagram or Facebook. As the night came to a close, 278 class sponsor, Michael Horwits (251) asked the class over the DJ’s microphone, “Does 278 know how to party?” to which everyone hollered and cheered because, yes, they do.

MaryElizabeth Greeley (278)
Staff Writer

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