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Who’s your team?


Basketball arguments are inevitable when talking about the game with any passionate fans, and they are nearly impossible to avoid in Philadelphia. In Philly sports fans are as passionate as any, and if you don’t like the Sixers be ready to defend your team. My team was and always will be the Los Angeles Lakers.

As a kid almost all of my friends were Sixers fans just because we lived in Philadelphia. As we grew older some switched to other teams, but it was extremely hard being a Laker fan with my friend group.

Of course I liked Allen Iverson and the Sixers but not as much as Kobe and the Lakers. People would say, “You’re not even from LA” or “You only like them because of Kobe!”

These things were all true; when I was younger I didn’t get to see Lakers games too often. They are on the West Coast; their games come on at 10 pm usually here on the East Coast. My bedtime was 8 o’clock, and my parents couldn’t care less about the Lakers so they would never let me see them play.

It was horrible because I could only see the Lakers play if they played during the day on weekends. So all I could ever see were highlights the next morning on sportscenter before I left for school, mostly featuring Kobe Bryant. So I used to have nothing to say to people who said that I only liked them for Kobe, because it was kind of true.

Sherell Slater (276) has been a Miami Heat fan his whole life. He faced the same problems I faced growing up not liking the Sixers.

“The hardest part about being a Heat fan in Philadelphia is getting people to believe that you aren’t a bandwagon fan,” said Slater. “I was a fan of Dwyane Wade ever since I saw him play in the finals against the Mavericks.”

As I got older, I stayed up to watch the Lakers play more and fell in love with the team. I liked the other players on the team like Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, and Pau Gasol. Even now I am still am a fan of the Lakers, even though they are pretty bad.  Of course I wish I could go back to the time when Kobe was wreaking havoc on the NBA and the Lakers were winning titles but sadly I can’t.

The Lakers are one of the worst teams in the league now, but we have a bright future. I still wear my Laker gear almost every day proudly, because I don’t care about the ridicule I get from the haters. I will always bleed the Laker purple and gold!

Kristian Rhim (276)
Sports Editor

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