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Central Students Wow Judges at NHD

Eli Simon (278), Abigail Leedy (278), and Sasha Hochman (278) pose with their medals. PC: NHD staff

On Thursday, March 16, thirty-seven Central students attended the National History Day Competition at the National Constitution Center. Despite a snowstorm changing the date of the competition, students from high schools across the city came to compete in this impressive display of historical knowledge and ingenuity. As usual, those from Central brought their A game. Their project entries ranged from show-stopping performances to dynamic documentaries to exhilarating exhibits, all of which artfully represented the theme of “Taking a Stand in History”.

Four entries from Central placed in the competition:

  • “Gary Becker: An Economic Interpretation of Sociological Behaviors”, an individual documentary by Zhilin Ye- 3rd Place, Bronze Medal
  • “Broadway: Shuffling Along Through History”, a group performance by Yasmine Mezoury, Kejsi Rukha, and Helen Li- 3rd Place, Bronze Medal
  • “Standing up for Justice in New England: Louisa May Alcott and her Activist Family”, an individual performance by Mary Elizabeth Greeley- 2nd Place, Silver Medal
  • “The Life and Work of Georgie Woods, Broadcast Pioneer of Philadelphia”, a group documentary by Abigail Leedy, Eli Simon, and Sasha Hochman- 2nd Place, Silver Medal

On May 12-13, two Central teams competed at the State Competition in Carlisle, PA at the Carlisle Regional High School. The first team who qualified for States was Abigail Leedy, Eli Simon, and Sasha Hochman with their documentary “The Life and Work of Georgie Woods, Broadcast Pioneer of Philadelphia” and MaryElizabeth Greeley with her performance “Standing up for Justice in New England: Louisa May Alcott and her Activist Family”.

Eli Simon, Sasha Hochman, and Abigail Leedy, the team which created the documentary, made it to run-offs, putting them one step closer to being chosen to go to the National NHD competition. Although they displayed their best abilities, no Central team qualified for Nationals. However, making it to the runoffs is still a challenge.

mary elizabeth greeley nhd

MaryElizabeth Greeley (278). PC: NHD staff

MaryElizabeth Greeley (278)
Staff Writer

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