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Girls’ Volleyball: Hungry and Determined

Marcela Dow (277) takes a shot. PC: Serena Schwartz

The Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team is back in action, ready to persevere and earn the title of Public League Champions. Starting their season off with a bang, the intent to win is clear. The team, working together both on and off the court, is led by senior captains Marcela Dow (277), Serena Schwartz (277) and Catherine Lucey-Warner (277). After ending the past two seasons in tough losses, they are hungry and determined to bring the championship back to Central. “This year, we have killer assets and a cohesive group of girls who have been ready to get revenge since 2014,” says senior captain Schwartz (277).

One major aspect that contributes to the team’s cohesiveness is their strong personal relationships with each other. Senior captain Dow (277) notes that “most of us have been playing for central since freshman year, our bond off the court is what makes us all strategize and play together so smoothly.”

The future of this season is looking bright for the team with an undefeated 4-0 record going into the third week of school. Mr. Leong, math teacher and head coach, says, “we’re going into our fourth game of the season with an undefeated record, we have a good group of girls, many of which are returning players as well as seniors. I see good things happening this season if we keep up this momentum,” The attitude of the players and coach are positive as their fight to bring the title of public league champs back to central continues.

Jacqueline Reichner (277)
Staff Writer

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