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Girls’ Tennis Goes for Four

The Girls' Tennis team enjoys a successful season. PC: William Graham

Central is known to be a school of champions, and among the enormous set of winning teams is the Girls’ Varsity Tennis team. The Girls’ Tennis team is a commanding force at the top of the league, contributing to Central’s winning trend for the past three years. After a three-peat, the girls are back and hungry this year to dominate the public league. The team’s season is already going strong, winning their first eight matches in the Public League. With powerhouses like Northeast and Masterman also trying to win it all, these Lancers have a long yet promising road ahead of them.

What puts Central’s team above the rest of the competition? Co-captain Maddie Mast (278) has an idea. “We have way more depth than any other school in the public league. Most of our starters would be first singles at almost any other public league. We also just have a good time when we’re on the courts and work together as a team.” Chemistry and synergy play a pivotal role in the success of the squad.

Co-captain Tiffany Atmadja (277), is confident her team will take home the Public League Title. “I usually don’t like to assume our outcomes for the season, but the competition is pretty thin this year. We have a high chance of winning it again.” The winning isn’t ending anytime soon; with young talents like Kate Hamilton (279) and Shari Zeng (280) as first year starters, the future looks bright for the team.

Headed by coach and history teacher William Graham, the team’s mindset for the season is simple: focus on winning while also keeping things fresh. “ Find ways to keep it interesting but obviously not take our eyes off the prize, which is hopefully another league and district title,” says the team’s mentor.

This year isn’t just about competing, but witnessing greatness. The team’s top players are not just the best of this year, but may be the best the school has ever seen. Central’s finest duo of  Gabby Garrett (277) and the aforementioned co-captain Tiffany Atmadja (277) have the chance to set the break for all time wins. Be sure to keep up with the skillful and determined team for the chance to witness history.

Brandon Thieu (277)
Staff Writer

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