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Far From Cursed

The Girls' Varsity Soccer Team celebrates their second Public League Championship win in a row. PC: Denise Eiler

Like the vast majority of Central’s athletic teams, Girls’ Varsity Soccer has been virtually unstoppable since their beginning. However, from 2011-2015, the team’s longtime rival, Franklin Towne Charter, continually claimed the Public League Championship title. Their losing streak fostered the feeling that our once-successful team was under a curse. However, the team was determined to regain their victory and, in 2016, they did just that. Not only did the girls win the Public League Championship, but they made history as the first female Public League soccer team to also win the District Twelve title.  After achieving such accomplishments and additionally graduating nine key senior players from 276, many doubted the team’s ability to surpass the 2016 season’s successes. Ending the 2017 regular season 12-0, they were ready and eager to reclaim their Public League Title.

While there may be people who doubted the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team’s future success, all are certain that the team’s character and confidence breed champions. “I expected a really solid season this year, despite losing a lot of seniors,” comments Captain, Emily Lorenc (277). The team captains Emily Lorenc, Azure Lintulahti (277), and Grace Del Vecchio (277)  knew that their strong reputation weighed on this season more than any other, and were not naive to the challenge that lay before them. “I had to remind myself that we were the defending champions. Teams have to come take the title from us if they wanted to win, and we were not going to go down easy,” stated Lintulahti.  

After winning the Public League Championship for the second year in a row on October 28th, the team was excited, but understood the challenge at Districts that lay before them. “We are not a team to be underestimated. We have worked harder, become stronger, and will do anything for each other,” assures Del Vecchio.

Acknowledging the challenge is half of the battle of trying to win, the other half comes from putting in the long hours on and off the field and maintaining the dynamic that made the team champions in the past. “We went undefeated in Public League playoffs. I am very proud of our whole team,” adds Richard Johns, coach of five years. “They worked hard every day and never quit. All their hard work brought us our second straight Public League Championship.”  Although they did not repeat last year’s District Title win, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team is satisfied with their Public League Championship success, and have every intention of continuing their victorious pattern in the future.

Christopher Carson (277)
Sports Editor

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