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Boys’ Tennis: Net Success

The boys’ tennis team is serving its way into the spring season. While the weather is finally starting to get warmer, the boys are diligently preparing for this season’s matches as new, young teammates and the more experienced players join to play their hardest. Last spring proved to be a rewarding season, with the team winning both the Public League and District Championships. The team is working to make this season another great one.

“My goals are to win championships, both Public League and Districts. We’ll have to work really hard to accomplish that. We have to continuously improve,” says Coach Horwits (251). He also voices his reflections on last season’s experiences as a coach: “It takes a family, it is not just about one player. Everyone has got to step up to be able to grow.” He also gives more insight into player development. “It’s not just about playing, it’s also about improving as individuals in a group of people. It’s not just about what you do on the field, but what you do as a person too.”

Earlier this March, the Lancers came together with Saint Joe’s Prep for the annual “Clash in the City.” The two Philly teams worked to defeat the Pittsburgh team from Hampton High School. Despite the loss to Hampton, the Central Lancers will come back stronger.

In April, the Lancers will travel to Boston for “Battle for Boston,” a Super Bowl rematch against Boston Latin School, the oldest public high school in the nation (Central holds the #2 spot). Playing in the spirit of the Eagles, the Lancers should have no trouble defeating the Bostonians and showing no end to what they can accomplish.

Sigrid Jahr (278)
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