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278’s First Blood Drive

Ready to start saving lives! On Tuesday, September 24, 2018, 278’s blood drive committee hosted its first successful blood drive. A total of 115 students registered and a total of 65 pints of blood were collected. Each pint of blood has the ability to save three lives.

Yanling Sun (278), member of the Blood Drive Committee, reflected, “Sitting at the registration table, I felt an intense Central spirit. Although we were a bit disorganized in the morning with people crowding near the entrance, we still managed to get people check in and ready to give donations. It was a great experience to be a part of the committee.”

Frances Yu (278) exclaimed, “When I was signing people in for Blood Drive, I was surprised many students agreed to donate blood. Near the end of the drive, an overwhelming amount of students lined up to donate blood as walk-ins! We even had to reject some because we had too many students willing to donate! Also before anyone donated blood, they had to read an info packet (about 15 pages). The students actually sat down and read (for least 10 minutes). I’m so happy we have a giving community!”

Mr. Horwitz, 278’s class sponsor, commented, “I am really proud of what the committee did. We had a committee of five co-chairs and twenty people on the committee. I think that overall, this is one of the best groups I have ever had. They had a lot of adversity and worked really hard, putting in a lot of time and effort. They did a tremendous job at saving lives.”

As a first time donor and blood drive member, Shivam Vats (278) added, “For my first time giving blood, I was nervous, though it turned out to be a great experience. The needle was not at all painful.” For those considering to donate, the surprising ease of donation process may be a relief.

278 will be hosting two more blood drives this year so be sure to donate blood and save more lives!


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By Nancy Zhu


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