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Girls Tennis Defends 4-Year District Championship Title

Recognizing the 278 seniors' hard work and dedication to the team. PC: Yearbook

The Tennis team’s performance has been outstanding the past years. Having won public league and districts for four consecutive years, they are focused on defending their district title and securing a fifth victory. Coach Graham is very proud of his team as they are record holders for both double A and triple A for the league. It is no surprise that the Tennis team is facing a lot of pressure to perform well this season. The team’s captain Maddie Mast (278) explains that, “Practice has been rough the past month because of the excessive heat and the rain. At the beginning of the school year it didn’t even feel like tennis season because we never had practice or matches because they all got cancelled.” Not being able to get enough practice in, she feels that this season will be a rough one.

Not having practice is not enough to stop the team’s ambition, Maddie explains that “As a team, we obviously want to win the public league championship but ultimately our goal is to defend our district title. It’s not going to be easy though. I think once you’ve won something enough times you start to take winning for granted but we can’t do that this year. This year we really have to earn it.” Maddie Mast is aware of the amount of hard work and long hours that must be done in order to win a championship title and displays this in her leadership. Others have established intense work ethics, fellow teammates such as Samantha Tom (278) has trained over six hours everyday during the summer to prepare for the season.

The tennis team has many dedicated members , a majority consisting of seniors and juniors who have played for the team in previous years. With a solid lineup they work hard to inspire freshmen who also have been practicing and playing well. One that Maddie has taken notice of is Mihnn Nguyen (281) “She’s really good and she’s humble about it.” The tennis season has started out rough, but it will not stop the players from working hard to securing victory for Central.


Girls Tennis end their 2018 season.



Chau Nguyen (278)

Staff Writer

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