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Cross Country’s Road to Winning the Public League Championship

The Cross Country team has been hard at work to secure the public league championship trophy from Masterman. Last year many of our top runners on the boys side such as Chris Carson (277), Julius Duhan (277), and Tasso Hartzog (279) were injured or physically unable to run due to  their injuries. With the top runners out of commision, we were unable to win the Public league championship title and trophy. Similarly, on the girl’s side there were not enough top runners to compete with the amount Masterman had. Most of the top runners graduated, leaving behind people to carry the team’s legacy. Seamus McGouirk (278), Tasso Hartzog (279), Chau Nguyen (278), Abby Leedy (278), and Celia Duhan (280) are the captains who will be carrying on the Central spirit and leading the team to victory.

The three captains for the boys have been focused on honing the team skills, Tasso states that “We have a lot of new freshman on the team, and many of them have prior running experience, which doesn’t happen often. We also have a lot of returners who want to take back the trophy this year, and while doing so won’t be easy, it’s definitely possible given the improvements I’ve seen in our team over the first few weeks of the season.” One freshmen stands out above the rest; Rmani Justiniano (281) has practiced everyday during the summer, running an hour each day, with a weekly high mileage of 40-50 miles. Chau Nguyen (278) adds, “He has a lot of potential and I want to see him prosper. During our races he is constantly improving and will be rivaling me towards the end of the season.”

Victory is never easy and Tasso Hartzog (279) comments that, “The competition from Masterman and other schools is tough this year. But it was also tough two years ago when we won the public league. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to win back the trophy this year.” Chau agrees with that sentiment, “Winning this year will be incredibly hard, the competition isn’t a joke. However, I believe in our team, we practice hard and it really shows during our races.” The results show with Central gaining an overwhelming victory on September 20th, placing first, second, fourth, and fifth with their varsity runners.

The boy’s haven’t been the only one hard at work, the girl’s have also secured a victory. Coach K states, “The girls have a lot of potential; they have a real shot of winning this year. They just need to really believe they can win.” Their performance has been great, with two new freshman and one sophomore joining the varsity seven and running under 25 minutes the first two meets of the season. Abby Leedy (278) says that “the girls have a really strong team this year. I definitely think we have a shot at sending some of our runners to states in November”. Only time will tell, but if their second meet- where Central girls runners were 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th in their race- is any indication, it should be a very exciting season.

Chau Nguyen (278)

Staff Writer

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