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High School Lockdown Increases Police Presence

Every day, students walk down the hills of Olney Avenue and Monday, September 24th was no exception. That morning, around 8:15 am, explosive sounds of gunfire rang from Kemble Park, across Central High. Unfortunately, Kayla Le (279) was caught in the crossfire, suffering a shot to her right shoulder.

Kayla managed to walk to the school and was immediately treated in the nurse’s office before being transported by paramedics to Einstein Medical Center. Kayla was stabilized and her conditions were reported to be non-life-threatening. However, Kayla Le will suffer much more than physical trauma. Central alum and police commissioner Richard Ross commented, “We know the psychological impact of getting shot.”

Surrounding buildings stood in the crossfire. Bullets flew through multiple neighboring buildings, some of which were occupied. One family reported that they fear for their lives. A local reported,“I was sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee and I heard a pop pop – maybe 4 or five times.”

Immediately after reports of the incident, Girl’s High, Widener Memorial School, and Central High School went under a lockdown. The lockdown was lifted around 9:00 am, after Kayla was transported and police secured the area.

Due to the collected evidence of two different caliber weapons, investigators believe that there were two active gunmen. However, according to 6 ABC, investigators have not recovered any weapons or made any arrests, but as the investigation continues, street cameras may provide a lead, providing real-time footage of what occurred that morning.

With Girl’s High, Widener Memorial school, Central, and La Salle University lined up along the block, thousands of students commute up and down the hills at all hours. Commissioner Ross added, “It’s a terrible thing that a student can’t even walk to school without sustaining a gunshot wound. It’s one of your worst nightmares.”

For many, the events of the morning will continue to swarm our minds, begging the question of safety on and off school campus and around the surrounding neighborhood. 


Nancy Zhu


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