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278 Takes on the Big Apple

Yanling Sun and Andre Pak enjoy tea with the Queen of England at Madame Tussaud's

On October 26, graduating class 278 went on the traditional senior class trip to the unforgettable New York City for a time of adventure, fun, and a  “long overdue break that I needed from all the fast approaching deadlines” noted Huiying Xiao (278). Many seniors saw this trip could as a chance to de-stress amidst upcoming college applications deadlines.   

The morning began with bus delays causing the atmosphere to switch from excitement to reluctance of attending. Despite the three hour delay, 278’s spirit did not diminish as the day progressed. Even though the class was supposed to arrive at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum around 10:30 am, arrivals around 1:00 pm did not deter the group from fitting the visit into the itinerary.

Madame Tussaud’s is more of an experience than a museum, with wax celebrities like Anne Hathaway or Kylie Jenner in traditional red carpet dress or the Queen of England enjoying a cup of tea in an exhibit made to look like Buckingham Palace. People loved taking pictures with Jimmy Fallon as if they were the stars on The Tonight Show or posing behind the cover of Marie Claire fashion magazine. Walking through Madame Tussaud’s is like traveling through the history of art, civil rights, politics, and pop culture all in one hallway. The wax figures are extremely realistic down to the freckles, wrinkles, or beard scruff of a celebrity, and nonetheless a demonstration of an artistic talent beyond comprehension.

Next, the class walked to the Rockefeller Center in hopes of attending the Top of the Rock Observation Deck where one can see the skyline of NY City from new heights and angles. However, with elevator difficulties and late arrivals, Mr. Horwits (class sponsor) decided to call off the visit and grant the seniors autonomy to enjoy the city on their own. The cancellation threw some seniors into a fluster, but most were glad they could enjoy lunch at a food site of their choice. Some seniors settled for simple street truck food while others attended pizzerias or bakeries to enjoy everything New York City had to offer. After her experience exploring the city with friends, student Ashley Joseph (278) reflected on a quote by Ibn Battuta who said “traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Indeed, by the end of this trip the senior class all had stories to tell.

From Rockefeller Center, the class walked down to the Hudson River to set foot on their Ocean Line cruise. The boat was packed but spirits were high. Students enjoyed “coming to America” when passing Lady Liberty and danced on the top deck until the night came to a close. The New York weather may have been colder than comfortable, but the rain held off so that everyone could enjoy the experience of being outside on the boat’s deck. Aida Gashi (278) noted “The cruise was the part which I enjoyed the most. I feel like it brought us all together after a long day and we just danced it off.”  

This senior trip involved a lot of planning ahead and group coordination. 278 wishes to offer a huge shout-out to the chaperones (both parents, teachers, and alumni) for taking time from their busy lives to accompany them through the city. Additionally, a huge thank you to the 278 class sponsor, Michael Horwits, who, despite having to reschedule from the previous date of October 19, kept his cool amidst the craziness of the day. Rising seniors should understand that these trips are special to Central — “an opportunity a lot of schools don’t get” said Hannah Cheatham (278).


MaryElizabeth Greeley (278)

Managing and Online Editor

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