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Robotics for All

The Franklin Institutes features annual events to gather friends and family together,engaging them in the sciences. Robotics for All was hosted by the Philadelphia Robotics Coalition at the Franklin Institute on October 20th. The coalition seeks to inspire young kids to pursue interests in the sciences.

Hands-on-activities including Ozobots, Scribble Bots, battlebots, drones, and segway demonstrations were available between 10am to 3pm. The 55 featured robots used in demonstrations were built by student and organization across the Greater Philadelphia area.

This year was the first time that Central’s Robotics team participated in the event. Central’s robotics team featured their gold robot from last year’s season. The robot’s main function is to pick up bricks, cryoboxes, plastic relax and other materials. Robotics members, Ernesto Estremera (278), Rayman Zhang (280), Romone Cruz (279), and Leah Terreforte (279) along with Central alum and previous robotics captain Viwing Zheng (277) maned stations with Lincoln High School.

Leah reflected, “It aligned with our goal to spread robotics to the community. There were a lot of kids there which was perfect because that is the audience we hope to attract. Working with the Coalition was truly memorable. Working with Lincoln to make something work was also a wonderful experience of teamwork and collaboration.”

Robotics looks forward to spreading STEM to more of the community throughout the year and hopes to participate in the event next year.

For more information about the event, please check out this link. 

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Nancy Zhu (278)


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